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Best-Ever Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

by Mama Madre |

Last year you couldn't wait for summer; warm weather, longer days for epic sun sessions sidelined by a sweet spritzer to quench thirst. But then, you did the thing. You know the one where you wake up with peanut in your belly—destined to turn into a fully-fledged human being?

Ohh, that 'thing' you say.

Fast forward to this summer, gosh life changes in a blink of an eye. Instead of sporting your cute little bikini, you're rocking a growing mum-to-be belly. 

With a bun in the oven, summer isn't so appealing because the heat is overbearing, your feet are swollen and feel tight as F - (can I swear here?) - tight as fudge (don't want my peanut picking up bad habits.)

You're all hot and bothered, but not in the 'good' way.

Giving birth in the warmer months might be good for the freshly popped bub, but it can be very uncomfortable for mummy. 
So let's get straight into it! Below are the best ways you can stay cool during a summer pregnancy.

Summer Pregnancy Bod 101: What's really going on under the hood.

Your body is working overtime to create a new human being, which means higher blood volume, enabling the flow to reach all vital organs. The extra blood flow boosts your metabolism, and instead of trimming up, your body starts running at a higher temperature. [Just great! Not.] Naturally, to accommodate these changes, your body will make you sweat even more to cool down your inner furnace. 

Liken it to your laptop working furiously to run programs simultaneously to create and save that important presentation. High-functioning activity heats the body, and innate cooling systems must kick in—or else your body will overheat.

If that wasn't enough to deal with, your body is also producing extra fluids to prepare itself for the baby. The fluid may collect in your limbs, plus the ankles and feet—also known as fluid retention. You feel like you're about to burst any moment, but you won't. Your body knows what it's doing.

That doesn't change the fact that all the extra swelling means that your shoes (that were fine this morning) become increasingly uncomfortable as the day goes on. Throw the summer heat into the mix, and you've got yourself one incredibly hot mama—and not in the good way!

Summer Mummy Pregnancy Must-Knows

Let's get real, with all the extra body heat coupled with summer temperatures; you're going to be one sweaty betty. Not only will you need to attach your deodorant to your hip, but you'll also need to hydrate frequently! 

Dehydrating during pregnancy is common, and it may cause headaches or have you feeling faint. No one wants heatstroke, so please remember to drink water! 

Another summer danger is the scorching sun. The Aussie sun is already unforgiving to people who are not pregnant, so imagine what it could do to you? Excessive sun exposure can exacerbate pigmentation in pregnant women, so sunscreen is more important now than ever! Find yourself SPF 50+ that's all-natural. It’s kinder to your skin and bub.

How To Keep Yourself Cool During Summer Pregnancy

Loose clothing and roomy sandals will be your BFF. Remember that Camilla kaftan that you've always wanted but it never really had a place in your wardrobe? Now's the time Mama splurge! Get yourself a fabulous floppy hat and make sure you bring a cooling spritz everywhere you go. 

The above will work a treat, but nothing beats sitting inside an air-conditioned room (preferably overlooking the beach)! If you don't own a property near the coast, call in your partner, mother or best friend. Summon their virgin cocktail making skills, and get them to pour you (both) a cooling, non-alcoholic drink—something preferably infused with cucumber and mint, and then Google your closest plunge pool.  

After a soak in the pool, kick your feet up, and pamper yourself in our Madre Belly Mask. Massaging the Belly Mask serum into your skin will draw heat away from your body, and bring back the zen. It also soothes any chafing caused by your clothes. 

Our cooling-off tips will have your body temperature return to cool, calm and collected in no time—phew! And, now you can enjoy summer with your growing little peanut.